Application areas of industrial tension springs

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2023-12-06 10:14

       I believe that we all know that everyday life can not be separated from the spring, we introduce the extension industrial spring, extension spring belongs to this kind of spiral spring, and can be called tension spring, tension spring, spiral extension spring, etc..

       Everyone's name is different, is indispensable in people's daily life this kind of spring, is this kind of spiral spring that bears axial tension, and compression springs are different from compression springs is this kind of spiral spring that bears axial pressure, then extension springs material is usually all choose round cross-section material made of, and compression springs design difference is to say that the two sides of the two more The difference between the design of extension springs and compression springs is that there are two additional "hooks" between the circles when they are not subjected to axial tension, and the circles are in a closed state. 

       Extension industrial springs occupy a key position in the global market, from small medical and sanitary devices to mechanical brake springs in the field, the application of extension springs allows you to specify a wide variety of tension rings and hooks, and the close contact of adjacent rings creates the initial tension.

       This helps control load and stiffness, and industrial springs are widely used in defense, marine, computer, electronics, automotive, mold, medical, biochemical, aerospace, railroad, nuclear, wind power, thermal power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevators, and other fields.

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