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●  Optical and electronic high precision metal parts


These are some of our high-precision stamping parts, some of them are zoom lens accessories, some are instrument accessories, and some are electronic equipment accessories, mainly made of stainless steel or copper alloy or aluminum alloy. We can achieve dimensional tolerance of 0.02mm and flatness within 0.05mm for such parts. In addition, we can also control the surface appearance, color difference, coating adhesion and so on.


●  Battery contacts, electrical contacts, terminals


We are good at making all kinds of battery contacts, electrical contacts, terminals and other parts. The pictures show some examples we have customized for customers. They are mainly made of copper alloys such as phosphor bronze, brass and beryllium copper, but sometimes materials such as stainless steel and spring steel are used. The surface treatment methods include nickel plating, tin plating and silver plating.


●  Metal clips, flat spring parts


Metal clips and flat spring are one of the most common types of parts we make. They are usually made of stainless steel and spring steel, but we can also produce these products from aluminum, brass, beryllium copper, high carbon steel and low carbon steel.in some cased, the use of annealed material is vital in order for the high carbon steel to undergo complex forming. The material is then heat-treated and tempered to obtain its full spring characteristics.


●  Brackets, chassis plates, mounting fixture parts


In the products of various industries, it is often necessary to use some brackets, bottom plates, and mounting fixtures. We can choose the appropriate materials and surface treatment methods according to the needs of the products, while solving the product needs perfectly, and saving costs as much as possible.


●  Springs and various wire forming products


We can provide custom services for precision springs and various wire forming products, wire diameter from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Our spring production are highly advanced automation, as a result, the price is very competitive.


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