How much do you know about the characteristics of torsion springs

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2023-11-02 16:00

1. works with elasticity, which is consistent with the characteristics of other springs and is the most familiar of spring characteristics.
2. Subject to bending forces, when torsion springs are installed in a fixed part, other components twist around the center of the torsion spring and the torsion spring pulls them to the original part.
3. high level of tightness but the spring circle is necessary to spacing between each other, so that the torsion spring and pressure resistance, but also to reduce the friction in the work process, and thus more quickly for other parts of the work.
4. divided into counterclockwise torsion springs and clockwise torsion springs, the direction of spring torsion and the direction of clock movement is the same as the clock is clockwise torsion springs, and vice versa is counterclockwise torsion springs.

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