What are the common materials used for stamping parts?

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2023-11-02 16:00

1, ordinary carbon steel plate, such as Q195, Q235, etc.

2, high quality carbon structural steel plate, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of this kind are guaranteed, the carbon steel to low carbon steel use more, commonly used 08, 08F, 10, 20, etc.

3, electrical silicon steel plate, such as DT1, DT2.

4, stainless steel plate, such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr13, etc., used to manufacture parts with corrosion and rust prevention requirements.

5、Low-alloy structural steel plate, such as Q345 (16Mn), Q295 (09Mn2), used to manufacture important stamping parts with strength requirements.

6, copper and copper alloys (such as brass), grades T1, T2, H62, H68, etc., its plasticity, electrical and thermal conductivity are very good.

7, aluminum and aluminum alloys, commonly used grades are L2, L3, LF21, LY12, etc., have good plasticity, deformation resistance is small and light.

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