What are the main sheet metal processing technologies?

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2023-11-02 16:00

1. Laser cutting machine is nowadays the main equipment for sheet metal processing, which is fast, high precision, short cycle time, and can process various shapes.

2. Sheet metal processing parts can't only have flat shapes, but also need to punch a convex package, bud, buckle, etc., all need to go through the process of "punching".
     Nowadays, the CNC punching machine can install up to dozens of dies, programmable, fast, and can also assist laser cutting machine to feed. 3.

3 bending equipment is also being updated, there are CNC bending machine, bending center (robot-assisted bending), CNC edge bending machine, etc..

4. The previous welding is basically the use of wire burning, a small part of the use of carbon dioxide; and with the continuous development of technology, nowadays, increased for the thin plate welding argon arc welding, the
     Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, welding robots, etc.

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