Classification and processing use of sheet metal parts

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2023-11-02 16:00

Sheet metal parts refer to metal parts that have been processed by process or machinery. Usually raw metal is used and plastic deformation is made by process or stamping to form a shape that usually meets the requirements of our rules. Forming can be divided into manual forming and mechanical forming. Process forming is usually used to make up the processing or cutting edge field and is rarely chosen. However, when processing some materials with messy shapes or easy deformation, process forming is still inseparable.

So far, sheet metal processing is mainly used to manufacture the shells of some packaging equipment, such as boxes and cabinets, bodies, stainless steel cases, computer cases, etc.. Because sheet metal includes stamping, bending, shearing and cutting, most of the sheet metal processing is metal sheet, and a small amount of sheet metal is used for manufacturing.

Classification and processing of sheet metal parts for use

I. Sheet metal parts can usually be classified into three categories.

1. Flat: refers to ordinary flat stamping and shearing parts.

2. Zigzag type: Bending and welding after opening with CAD according to the planning drawing.

3. Forming type: regular curved or freestanding curved parts processed by forming methods such as stretching. These parts are processed by stamping and deformation of flat blanks, which are very different from the parts processed by usual machining methods. Among the stamping processing methods, zigzag deformation is the main processing method to make sheet metal parts with disordered spatial position relationship.

II. Application range of sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal parts are widely used in electromechanical, light industry, automotive and other fields. Specifically, they include the following areas.

1. Automotive field

As the living standard of Chinese people progresses, automobiles will enter thousands of households, which will promote the rapid development of the domestic automotive field. Auto manufacturers will outsource non-base business while expanding their production plans, so they will outsource some auto parts to Hefei sheet metal processing field, which will supply, distribute and process the auto field.

2.Electronic communication field

Electronic field is a rapidly developing field in recent years, and it is also the field where sheet metal is widely used at that time. Due to the characteristics of rapid technological update, diverse products and timely production in this field, the field is facing a large risk impact from the shopping mall. Most of the well-known companies at home and abroad outsourced their sheet metal business and spent their limited capital on technology development. These companies include: Lucent, Bell, ABB, Nokia, Siemens, Alstom, Philips and Huawei. Their outsourced sheet metal processing business is worth tens of billions of dollars per year.

3. Elevator field

Most of the elevator parts in the field are sheet metal parts, and the types of elevator parts are complex. Each large elevator manufacturer has dozens of suppliers to distribute and process them. For example, Xi word Otis, Xunta, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Hitachi and other famous elevator companies have their own stable suppliers, and their outsourced sheet metal business in Guangzhou is about billions of yuan.

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