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MYD is a company specializing in the customization of stamped sheet metal parts. Over the years we have provided services to lots of customers in North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East. Many of our customers have praised our quality and speed,  saving them a considerable manufacturing cost.
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Over the years that MYD has been operating, the company has gradually established an engineering and technical team, including structural engineers, process engineers, mold engineers, quality engineers, and experienced technical workers, etc., which can provide the right solution to various customized sheet metal stamping parts.


Our in-house tooling department has the machinery needed for a wide variety of tooling processing and can quickly design and manufacture various kinds of metal stamping dies. We have more than thirty stamping machines as well as laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, welding machines including TIG and resistance welding. We specialize in using automated mass production methods to make high volume customized stamped sheet metal parts.

MYD team believes that if the quality of the products is excellent and that our customers are very satisfied, it will bring us more business. Therefore, we enforce strict controls over the production process of the products. We have passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the quality laboratory is equipped with complete testing and experimental equipment.


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In-House Tooling 



MYD has equipped all the machinery to manufacture stamping dies, as well as a  professional team on stamping die designing and manufacturing, which is including process engineers, tooling engineers and tooling making technicians.


In many aspects of die making, we have optimized the manufacturing process based on our experiences, so we can manufacture various stamping dies very quickly. For some simpler dies of stamped sheet metal parts, we can even complete the tooling within three days.


Our company also have laser cutting, wire cutting, CNC bending machine, CNC machining center and other equipment for rapid manufacturing samples of sheet metal  parts. Before manufacturing dies, we can provide prototype samples for customer's testing. We will make formal dies after confirmation of the samples so to achieve better effects and avoid any cost waste.

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