March Expo 2021

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March Expo 2021

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Welcome to our shop on March Expo 2021

MYD Metal has 11 years experiences in Metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication, its quality and services are praised and recognized by many oversea clients. We have got a very high rating on alibaba from all clients who we have cooperated.

The factory is running strictly Quality Control System with skilled QC person and advanced inspection devices.

The processing machines including laser cutting, bending, stamping, welding and other assembling. Also can supply the good performance of various surface finish, such as galvanized, Nickel plating, Electro polish, Sand blast, oxidation, powder coating etc.

Contact us in today, we will give you the fast evaluation and quotation. 

Email: Sales-5@zsmyd.com   

Mobile/wechat/whats app: +86 18024268997

For more information, please click below to the alibaba link, also can visit our live show on 14th March 8 AM PT: 



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